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Nokia Lumia 900 or Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

2012 April 11

It is not amazing that the Nokia Lumia 900 can be the same as Samung Galaxy S II Skyroket, proved as one of the best smartphone from AT&T,  and now they are all available from AT&T  with the $99′s contract price, if there a chance for you to buy a phone between Noka Lumia 900 and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, which one would you like to choose? Nokia Lumia 900 or Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket? 

The answer may very explicit for you if you have ever used the Windows Phone and Android Phone, as there are not so much apps on the app store for Windows phone users, and the most important is you may find that can mess you up when you open an app on a Windows phone, yes, the lower reaction on Windows phone app is really an bad experience for all of us, so the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket is your choice this time.

But now it may change you from Lumia 900, the same as a Windows Phone, Nokia 900 is much different from other Windows smartphone, the pretty appearance plus the superb technology make Nokia Lumia 900 become the most famous Windows phone so far, and almost about all people in the world are talking about it  now, as it has been rearded as a Nokia’s product to promote its smartphone market share in 2012, so Lumia 900 full of magic color. And another key factor is Lumia 900 is one of the latest Windows smartphone yet, but the Samsung Galaxy S II is just a old version of Android phone from Samsung, which latest Phone Galaxy Note LTE is much more famous than it, and Lumia 900 and even iPhone 4S. Another good news is there are more and more apps for Window mobile users in the app store now, and Microsoft has invited many developers and  companies to join to Windows apps development, and who has unlock some limits for smartphone manufacturers to design their own customised smartphone OS, so it  meant much more apps for Windows mobile device users will coming soon.

So have you changed the idea to choose Samsung Galaxy S II, I am not sure whether it is necessary for you or other people, but I really think it is the time for us to have the Windows Phone a try now, and which is just the Lumia 900, no matter how terrible it is now, I believe it will be better soon.

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